Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Remembering the Pain

John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends."
Hello, everyone! I would like to share two poems with you written by two fellow bloggers about Memorial Day and the pain. Not to say that we shouldn't have fun on this day to celebrate our freedom, but we should also remember the cost of our freedom. Thank you Jesseca Dawn and Rebekah Eddy for letting me share. I also thought that this verse was fitting for the occasion: 

Jesseca Dawn's poem:
"No greater love"
The bombs are exploding, the smoke is thick
Yet still they press on, retreat they won't
Then suddenly, a soldier turns
for right beside him, he hears a moan
He drops down to the ground, his younger brother lies there.
Then reaches out with the gentlest of care
"We'll go home together, I'll not leave you here."
He doges the explosions as best he can
Before dropping his brother down onto the sand
"You'll be safe here," he looks back and yells
just before he hurries back into the fight.
One year later, the younger brother kneels
beside the grave, where his older brother now lies.
A tear slips from his eyes and rolls down his cheek.
"You saved my life, you gave your all.
You are my hero, the only one I'll ever seek."
He salutes, then stands. He'll go home alone.
Yet a part of him will remain in that battlefield, far, far from home.

And here is the poem from Rebekah Eddy:

This day we take to honor
those who answer freedom’s cry,
Those nameless thousands over sea
who for our lives did die.
Greater love has no one

than laying down his life,

For those he loves the most,
his children, friends, and wife.
Those wives who now are widows,
those kids who lost their dad.

Those ones who lost a brother
and friends that they once had.
Jesus did the same thing,
when he came down to earth,
Becoming man while still our God
through his humble birth.
He also gave His precious life
and saved the human race,
By giving us a chance to live
 and one day see His face.
Those ones across the ocean,
those ones across the sea,
They show what Jesus gave
when he died for you and me.


  1. What an honor! Thank you so much for sharing my poem! :)

    1. I agree!! Thank you, Bethany!

    2. Thank you both for allowing me to! You are quite talented!