Monday, November 10, 2014

In the Beginning...

This is the blog of two God crazy girls: Marci and Bethany. We hope to share our life, Bible verses, and why we believe the way that we do. We believe that there is only ONE God, that he created the entire world in only 6 literal days, he sent his only son to earth as man to die for our sins and save us from eternal death and separation from Him. We believe that the Bible is true—all the way through, cover to cover. Comments from us, as the owners of this blog, will come under the name of "Marci Asi" so we will sign our names at the end of our comment. Bethany already has a blog that you are welcome to visit. She would love you to read her blog and comment. The blog address is:
The title is "A Great God and Good Cocoa". We will not be posting super regularly but we hope that you will enjoy reading and learning about God, the Bible, and our lives as two God crazy girls!