Monday, November 2, 2015

Applying Biblical Principles to everyday life

Hello readers! I hope you are having a good school year so far. As I am sitting here writing this I am just glad that this blog post is not getting graded;) And I want to apologize for not getting your guy's comments, I found out they were going to the wrong email. So I will fix that and will respond to your comments.

Ok with all that out of the way I am going to talk about applying biblical principles to everyday life. So you have read the bible, you have your name engraved in the front, and you have highlighted all your favorite verses. Now what?? I think one of the hardest thing to do is put biblical principles into practice. A lot of times we make the excuse that the bible does not apply to use because it was written so long ago. We don't have to love the tax collectors or travel on donkeys and camels to preach the gospel, we are not beaten for praying and Cesar Augustus is only someone we read about in history. The world makes the bible seem like a good story we only read. The bible is Gods breath speaking to us and it is our call as Christians to use our guide book. We first need to realize how important the bible is. Have you ever been so confused and thinking hurt or not understanding  why a hurricane has to kills so many. The bible is our answer book.

Now applying what you read is not that hard once you understand the bible was written for YOU. I have a couple things that help me apply the bible to my everyday life.

1.  Get a email telling me the verse of the day.

2. Reading other Christian blog posts

3. Reading a little of the bible everyday and thinking about it all day

4. Going to a bible study or getting a personal study book

5. Writing a bible story in the modern world

6. Memorizing scriptures

It's really reading the bible and understanding what Gods point is. you will realize that a lot of the stories in the bible you can turn it into a lesson for your life. I hope this will help you put biblical principles into everyday life. And I hope you have a great November!!
P.s. I will be working on 2 new blog posts very soon so stay posted. They will be about Friendships falling apart and Surrendering fully to God.