Monday, November 2, 2015

Applying Biblical Principles to everyday life

Hello readers! I hope you are having a good school year so far. As I am sitting here writing this I am just glad that this blog post is not getting graded;) And I want to apologize for not getting your guy's comments, I found out they were going to the wrong email. So I will fix that and will respond to your comments.

Ok with all that out of the way I am going to talk about applying biblical principles to everyday life. So you have read the bible, you have your name engraved in the front, and you have highlighted all your favorite verses. Now what?? I think one of the hardest thing to do is put biblical principles into practice. A lot of times we make the excuse that the bible does not apply to use because it was written so long ago. We don't have to love the tax collectors or travel on donkeys and camels to preach the gospel, we are not beaten for praying and Cesar Augustus is only someone we read about in history. The world makes the bible seem like a good story we only read. The bible is Gods breath speaking to us and it is our call as Christians to use our guide book. We first need to realize how important the bible is. Have you ever been so confused and thinking hurt or not understanding  why a hurricane has to kills so many. The bible is our answer book.

Now applying what you read is not that hard once you understand the bible was written for YOU. I have a couple things that help me apply the bible to my everyday life.

1.  Get a email telling me the verse of the day.

2. Reading other Christian blog posts

3. Reading a little of the bible everyday and thinking about it all day

4. Going to a bible study or getting a personal study book

5. Writing a bible story in the modern world

6. Memorizing scriptures

It's really reading the bible and understanding what Gods point is. you will realize that a lot of the stories in the bible you can turn it into a lesson for your life. I hope this will help you put biblical principles into everyday life. And I hope you have a great November!!
P.s. I will be working on 2 new blog posts very soon so stay posted. They will be about Friendships falling apart and Surrendering fully to God.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Intercede for Our Nation!

May this be the prayer of all our hearts.

Dear God,
I'm so sorry that my country, my home land has turned from you and into terrible ungodliness. Please show me how I can play a part in bringing us back to you. It is scary the direction that we are turning with ungodly leaders. No longer are we obeying you and chastising those who do otherwise. Now we applaud evil and promote sin! God, how far we have come from you! Our nation was founded on your holy words and principles. We once were a Christian nation! But alas, no longer! We have come so far away from you it is a wonder that you can forgive us! But I thank you and praise you that you are good and that you still love us even while we are still sinners. Thank you that you sent your perfect son to die for us wicked people so that we could be spared from eternal death and live with you forever. Knowing how it grieves my heart to see how evil America has become, I know that it grieves your's even more. Isaiah 5:20 says, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet  and sweet for bitter!" In 2 Corinthians 7:14 you say that if we humble ourselves before your throne and intercede for our country, that you will heal it. So now, God, I am pleading that you heal America! We call ourselves Christians but yet we praise evil! Please, God. Heal America!

All references are ESV

Monday, July 20, 2015

Job 39:19-25

Well, I found my new favorite Bible verse! It is about . . . what else? Horses! So I figured that this was appropriate to put on this blog. A blog about God and the Bible and Marci and myself. Part of me is my love of horses so I simply had to share this with you! Prepare to fall in love with the horse!

Job 39:19-25 ESV
“Do you give the horse his might? Do you clothe his neck with a mane? Do you make him leap like the locust? His majestic snorting is terrifying. He paws in the valley and exults in his strength; he goes out to meet the weapons. He laughs at fear and is not dismayed; he does not turn back from the sword. Upon him rattle the quiver, the flashing spear, and the javelin. With fierceness and rage he swallows the ground; he cannot stand still at the sound of the trumpet. When the trumpet sounds, he says ‘Aha!’ He smells the battle from afar, the thunder of the captains, and the shouting.
My horse: Baylie
My horse: Dream

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Are you celebrating your TRUE citizenship?

Hello, everyone! May you all have a wonderful day celebrating our freedom. Just as our American freedom was bought by blood and war, so is our Christian liberty. Jesus purchased our freedom from eternal death by pouring out his life in exchange for ours even though he had never done anything wrong! Think of John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” God, the Creator of the Universe loved us so much, even when we had turned our backs on Him and become evil, that to save us from eternal separation from Him, He sent His only Son to die our death. To free us! And that is the best freedom of all! Although I am truly grateful for my freedom as an American citizen, I am even more thankful for my liberty where my true citizenship is—heaven! Thank you, Jesus, that I am free and forgiven despite my many sins! Thank you that I have my true citizenship in heaven and that you sent your perfect son to give me this freedom from Satan's grasp!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Hello, Readers! Sorry about not posting in such a long time! I have been very busy with my 8th grade graduation party, visiting people, and being involved in a wedding that my Dad is officiating. Anyways, there will be a post on the Forth of July and I hope to start posting a little bit more frequently! And that is where you come in: please leave Marci and me a comment giving us suggestions for posts that you would like to do! Give us specifics, or general ideas—it doesn't matter! I am eager for your suggestions! Thank you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Remembering the Pain

John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends."
Hello, everyone! I would like to share two poems with you written by two fellow bloggers about Memorial Day and the pain. Not to say that we shouldn't have fun on this day to celebrate our freedom, but we should also remember the cost of our freedom. Thank you Jesseca Dawn and Rebekah Eddy for letting me share. I also thought that this verse was fitting for the occasion: 

Jesseca Dawn's poem:
"No greater love"
The bombs are exploding, the smoke is thick
Yet still they press on, retreat they won't
Then suddenly, a soldier turns
for right beside him, he hears a moan
He drops down to the ground, his younger brother lies there.
Then reaches out with the gentlest of care
"We'll go home together, I'll not leave you here."
He doges the explosions as best he can
Before dropping his brother down onto the sand
"You'll be safe here," he looks back and yells
just before he hurries back into the fight.
One year later, the younger brother kneels
beside the grave, where his older brother now lies.
A tear slips from his eyes and rolls down his cheek.
"You saved my life, you gave your all.
You are my hero, the only one I'll ever seek."
He salutes, then stands. He'll go home alone.
Yet a part of him will remain in that battlefield, far, far from home.

And here is the poem from Rebekah Eddy:

This day we take to honor
those who answer freedom’s cry,
Those nameless thousands over sea
who for our lives did die.
Greater love has no one

than laying down his life,

For those he loves the most,
his children, friends, and wife.
Those wives who now are widows,
those kids who lost their dad.

Those ones who lost a brother
and friends that they once had.
Jesus did the same thing,
when he came down to earth,
Becoming man while still our God
through his humble birth.
He also gave His precious life
and saved the human race,
By giving us a chance to live
 and one day see His face.
Those ones across the ocean,
those ones across the sea,
They show what Jesus gave
when he died for you and me.

Friday, May 22, 2015

15 Minutes

What fills your days? School? TV? Texting? Games? Email? Blogging? Sports? How much time do you spend on each of these subjects in one day? And how much of your day does God get? Do you give Him some time each day praying and reading the Bible? Do you give Him 5 minutes a day? Super, He loves to hear from you! What about 10? Even better! 15 minutes? More? Now, compared to how much time other activities take up, does God get that much of your time? I am not criticizing any of these activities; I believe that there is a time and a place for each one. My question is, does God get some of your time?

Ideally, Christians should be in a constant conversation with God. "God, can I do this?" "Sure." "God, can I go to that party?" "No." "God, can I check my email and write up a blog post now?" "Okay." "God, thanks for this food!" "You're welcome!" "God, I'm ready and still to just listen for you." "Thank you."

God is a part of our every minute. You can breathe, read, see, and your body is reproducing cells every second. God is always there, but do we give Him time to just speak with us? God should be a part of every minute of our life. We are constantly having to make choices, and do we make those alone, or with His help? Psalm 1 says "Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked . . . but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night." Not only should we be talking to Him, but we should set aside some time each day to read the Bible. Some might read it before bed, while others might study it in the morning. The important thing is not the time of day, it is simply getting into the Word and asking Him what He wants to show you. Maybe He will have you start reading the Bible cover-to-cover. Maybe He will point out a specific passage to you. Ask Him. Talk with Him. Study His Word. Obey Him. Give Him a part of your day. Start by just giving Him 15 minutes. Right now.